AVG-2235 log

Package linux-lts
Status Fixed
Severity Medium
Type multiple issues
Affected 5.10.53-1
Fixed 5.10.54-1
Current 6.6.39-1 [core]
Ticket None
Created Wed Jul 28 18:32:19 2021
Issue Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2021-38204 Low No Denial of service
drivers/usb/host/max3421-hcd.c in the Linux kernel before 5.13.6 allows physically proximate attackers to cause a denial of service (use-after-free and...
CVE-2021-37159 Medium No Arbitrary code execution
hso_free_net_device in drivers/net/usb/hso.c in the Linux kernel before version 5.13.6 calls unregister_netdev without checking for the NETREG_REGISTERED...
CVE-2021-3679 Low No Denial of service
A lack of CPU resources in the Linux kernel tracing module functionality was found in the way users use the trace ring buffer in specific way. Only...