Todo Lists

Pending advisories

Group Package Severity Affected Fixed Ticket
AVG-1770 gitlab Critical 13.9.4-1 13.10.1-1
AVG-1789 ruby Critical 2.7.2-1 3.0.1-1
AVG-1822 gitlab Critical 13.10.2-1 13.10.3-1
AVG-1634 opera High 74.0.3911.218-1 75.0.3969.149-1
AVG-1794 opera High 75.0.3969.149-1 75.0.3969.171-1
AVG-1816 chromium High 89.0.4389.114-1 89.0.4389.128-1
AVG-1817 vivaldi High 3.7.2218.52-1 3.7.2218.55-1
AVG-1827 chromium High 89.0.4389.128-1 90.0.4430.72-1
AVG-1421 ceph Medium 15.2.8-2 15.2.10-1 FS#70062
AVG-1622 openscad Medium 2019.05-9 2021.01-1 FS#70052
AVG-1670 lib3mf-1 Medium 1.8.1-5 1.8.1-6
AVG-1675 python Medium 3.9.2-1 3.9.3-1
AVG-1682 libupnp Medium 1.14.4-1 1.14.5-1
AVG-1703 dnsmasq Medium 2.84-1 2.85-1
AVG-1764 linux Medium 5.11.11.arch1-1 5.11.12.arch1-1
AVG-1766 linux-zen Medium 5.11.11.zen1-1 5.11.12.arch1-1
AVG-1767 linux-lts Medium 5.10.27-1 5.10.28-1
AVG-1771 zabbix-frontend-php Medium 5.2.5-1 5.2.6-1
AVG-1775 mediawiki Medium 1.35.1-2 1.35.2-1
AVG-1778 syncthing, syncthing-relaysrv Medium 1.14.0-1 1.15.1-1
AVG-1779 file-roller Medium 3.38.0-2 3.38.1-1
AVG-1781 jenkins Medium 2.286-1 2.287-1
AVG-1790 thunderbird Medium 78.9.0-1 78.9.1-1
AVG-1793 mosquitto Medium 2.0.8-1 2.0.10-1
AVG-1796 linux Medium 5.11.12.arch1-1 5.11.13.arch1-1
AVG-1797 linux-hardened Medium 5.11.11.hardened1-1 5.11.13.hardened1-1
AVG-1798 linux-zen Medium 5.11.12.zen1-1 5.11.13.zen1-1
AVG-1799 linux-lts Medium 5.10.28-1 5.10.29-1
AVG-1808 solr Medium 8.8.1-1 8.8.2-1
AVG-1811 xorg-server Medium 1.20.10-3 1.20.11-1
AVG-1812 xorg-xwayland Medium 21.1.0-1 21.1.1-1
AVG-1821 mpv Medium 1:0.33.0-4 1:0.33.1-1
AVG-1831 wordpress Medium 5.7-1 5.7.1-1
AVG-1591 traefik Low 2.4.2-1 2.4.8-1
AVG-1623 python-aiohttp Low 3.7.3-1 3.7.4-1
AVG-1776 python-django Low 3.1.7-1 3.2-1

Bumped packages

Group Package Severity Affected Current Ticket
AVG-1785 linux-zen Low 5.11.15.zen1-1 5.11.15.zen1-2 [testing]
5.11.14.zen1-1 [extra]
AVG-1783 linux Low 5.11.15.arch1-1 5.11.15.arch1-2 [testing]
5.11.14.arch1-1 [core]
AVG-1594 linux Low 5.11.15.arch1-1 5.11.15.arch1-2 [testing]
5.11.14.arch1-1 [core]

Orphan issues

Issue Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2016-1000000 High Yes Sql injection
Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 16.4.1 WrFreeFormText.asp sUniqueID Parameter Blind SQL Injection
CVE-2016-10739 Medium No Open redirect
In the GNU C Library (aka glibc or libc6) through 2.28, the getaddrinfo function would...
CVE-2017-1000410 High Yes Information disclosure
The Linux kernel version 3.3-rc1 and later is affected by a vulnerability in the processing...
CVE-2019-5481 Low Yes Denial of service
libcurl can be told to use kerberos over FTP to a server, as set with the CURLOPT_KRBLEVEL...
CVE-2019-5482 Medium Yes Arbitrary code execution
libcurl contains a heap buffer overflow in the function (tftp_receive_packet()) that...
CVE-2020-16013 High Yes Access restriction bypass
An inappropriate implementation security issue has been found in the V8 component of the...
CVE-2020-16017 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
A use after free security issue has been found in the site isolation component of the...
CVE-2020-27823 Medium No Arbitrary code execution
In openjpeg2 version 2.3.1 and prior, there is a heap buffer overflow in...