Todo Lists

Scheduled advisories

Advisory Group Package Severity Type
ASA-201904-9 AVG-950 dovecot Medium denial of service
ASA-201904-8 AVG-949 flashplugin Critical multiple issues
ASA-201904-7 AVG-948 jenkins Medium multiple issues
ASA-201904-6 AVG-940 beep High privilege escalation
ASA-201904-5 AVG-929 ghostscript High sandbox escape

Pending advisories

Group Package Severity Affected Fixed Ticket
AVG-868 libpng Low 1.6.36-1 1.6.36-2

Bumped packages

Group Package Severity Affected Current Ticket
AVG-850 linux Critical 4.20.arch1-1 5.0.9.arch1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.arch1-1 [core]
AVG-855 glibc High 2.28-5 2.29-1 [core]
AVG-849 openssh High 7.9p1-1 8.0p1-1 [core]
AVG-842 linux High 4.20.arch1-1 5.0.9.arch1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.arch1-1 [core]
AVG-832 binutils High 2.31.1-4 2.32-1 [core]
AVG-767 linux-lts High 4.14.71-1 4.19.34-1 [core]
AVG-758 linux-lts High 4.14.62-1 4.19.34-1 [core]
AVG-757 linux-zen High 4.17.14.zen1-1 5.0.9.zen1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.zen1-1 [extra]
AVG-756 linux High 4.17.14.arch1-1 5.0.9.arch1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.arch1-1 [core]
AVG-685 linux-zen High 4.16.8-1 5.0.9.zen1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.zen1-1 [extra]
AVG-684 linux-lts High 4.14.40-1 4.19.34-1 [core]
AVG-683 linux-hardened High 4.16.7.b-1 5.0.7.a-1 [extra]
AVG-682 linux High 4.16.8-1 5.0.9.arch1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.arch1-1 [core]
AVG-572 linux-zen High 4.14.11-1 5.0.9.zen1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.zen1-1 [extra]
AVG-566 linux-lts High 4.9.74-1 4.19.34-1 [core]
AVG-559 linux-lts High 4.9.74-1 4.19.34-1 [core]
AVG-558 linux-hardened High 4.14.11.a-1 5.0.7.a-1 [extra]
AVG-557 linux-zen High 4.14.11-1 5.0.9.zen1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.zen1-1 [extra]
AVG-553 linux High 4.14.11-1 5.0.9.arch1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.arch1-1 [core]
AVG-901 hdf5 Medium 1.10.4-1 1.10.5-1 [community]
AVG-831 glibc Medium 2.28-5 2.29-1 [core]
AVG-830 lib32-glibc Medium 2.28-5 2.29-1 [core]
AVG-704 linux-zen Medium 4.16.9-1 5.0.9.zen1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.zen1-1 [extra]
AVG-703 linux-hardened Medium 4.16.9.a-1 5.0.7.a-1 [extra]
AVG-702 linux-lts Medium 4.14.41-1 4.19.34-1 [core]
AVG-701 linux Medium 4.16.9-1 5.0.9.arch1-1 [testing]
5.0.8.arch1-1 [core]
AVG-573 linux-hardened Medium 4.14.11-1 5.0.7.a-1 [extra]
AVG-312 linux-lts Medium 4.9.33-1 4.19.34-1 [core]
AVG-636 emacs Low 26.1-3 26.2-1 [extra]

Orphan issues

Issue Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2016-1000000 High Yes Sql injection
Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 16.4.1 WrFreeFormText.asp sUniqueID Parameter Blind SQL Injection
CVE-2017-1000410 High Yes Information disclosure
The Linux kernel version 3.3-rc1 and later is affected by a vulnerability in the processing...