AVG-2805 log

Package dbus
Status Fixed
Severity Unknown
Type unknown
Affected 1.14.3-1
Fixed 1.14.4-1
Current 1.14.10-2 [core]
Ticket None
Created Wed Jan 25 21:11:29 2023
Issue Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2022-42012 Unknown Unknown Unknown
A message in non-native endianness with out-of-band Unix file descriptors would cause a use-after-free and possible memory corruption in production builds,...
CVE-2022-42011 Unknown Unknown Unknown
An invalid array of fixed-length elements where the length of the array is not a multiple of the length of the element would cause an assertion failure in...
CVE-2022-42010 Unknown Unknown Unknown
A syntactically invalid type signature with incorrectly nested parentheses and curly brackets would cause an assertion failure in debug builds. Similar...