CVE-2016-8619 - log back

CVE-2016-8619 created at 25 Sep 2019 19:31:40
+ High
+ Remote
+ Arbitrary code execution
+ In curl's implementation of the Kerberos authentication mechanism, the function read_data() in security.c is used to fill the necessary krb5 structures. When reading one of the length fields from the socket, it fails to ensure that the length parameter passed to realloc() is not set to 0.
+ This would lead to realloc() getting called with a zero size and when doing so realloc() returns NULL and frees the memory - in contrary to normal realloc() fails where it only returns NULL - causing libcurl to free the memory again in the error path.
+ This flaw could be triggered by a malicious or just otherwise ill-behaving server.