CVE-2017-1000111 log

Severity High
Remote No
Type Arbitrary code execution
heap out-of-bounds in AF_PACKET sockets. This new issue is analogous to previously disclosed CVE-2016-8655. In both cases, a socket option that changes socket state may race with safety checks in packet_set_ring. Previously with PACKET_VERSION. This time with PACKET_RESERVE. The solution is similar: lock the socket for the update. This issue may be exploitable. As this issue affects PF_PACKET sockets, it requires CAP_NET_RAW in the process namespace. But note that with user namespaces enabled, any process can create a namespace in which it has CAP_NET_RAW.
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-434 linux 4.12.10-1 4.13-1 High Fixed
Fixed in:
- v4.13-rc5 by c27927e372f0785f3303e8fad94b85945e2c97b7