CVE-2017-1000365 log

Severity Medium
Remote No
Type Insufficient validation
The Linux Kernel imposes a size restriction on the arguments and environmental strings passed through RLIMIT_STACK/RLIM_INFINITY (1/4 of the size), but does not take the argument and environment pointers into account, which allows attackers to bypass this limitation. This affects Linux Kernel versions 4.11.5 and earlier. It appears that this feature was introduced in the Linux Kernel version 2.6.23.
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-990 linux-lts 4.9.34-1 4.9.35-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-323 linux 4.11.6-3 4.12.1-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-321 linux-hardened 4.11.6.d-1 4.15.15.a-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-311 linux-zen 4.11.6-3 4.14-1 Medium Fixed
Fixed in v4.12