CVE-2018-6574 log

Severity High
Remote Yes
Type Arbitrary code execution
Go before 1.8.7, Go 1.9.x before 1.9.4, and Go 1.10 pre-releases before Go 1.10rc2 allow "go get" remote command execution during source code build, by leveraging the gcc or clang plugin feature, because -fplugin= and -plugin= arguments were not blocked.
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-606 go, go-pie 1.9.3-1 1.9.4-1 High Fixed
Date Advisory Group Package Severity Type
09 Feb 2018 ASA-201802-3 AVG-606 go-pie High arbitrary code execution
09 Feb 2018 ASA-201802-2 AVG-606 go High arbitrary code execution