CVE-2019-14584 log

Severity Medium
Remote No
Type Denial of service
A security issue was found in edk2 up to edk2-stable202011. AuthenticodeVerify() calls OpenSSLs d2i_PKCS7() API to parse asn encoded signed authenticode pkcs#7 data. When this successfully returns, a type check is done by calling PKCS7_type_is_signed() and then Pkcs7->d.sign->contents->type is used. It is possible to construct an asn1 blob that successfully decodes and have d2i_PKCS7() return a valid pointer and have PKCS7_type_is_signed() also return success  but have Pkcs7->d.sign be a NULL pointer.
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-1359 edk2-shell 202008-1 202011-1 Medium Fixed