CVE-2020-1759 log

Severity Medium
Remote Yes
Type Private key recovery
A vulnerability was found in Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 and Red Hat Openshift Container Storage 4.2, where a nonce reuse vulnerability was discovered in the secure mode of the messenger v2 protocol, which can allow an attacker to forge auth tags and potentially manipulate the data by leveraging the reuse of a nonce in a session. Messages encrypted using a reused nonce value are susceptible to serious confidentiality and integrity attacks.
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-1195 ceph 14.2.8-1 15.2.6-1 High Fixed FS#67047
Date Advisory Group Package Severity Type
26 Nov 2020 ASA-202011-22 AVG-1195 ceph High multiple issues