CVE-2021-39255 - log back

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- Unknown
+ Medium
- Unknown
+ Local
- Unknown
+ Arbitrary code execution
+ Security vulnerabilities were identified in NTFS-3G. These vulnerabilities may allow an attacker using a maliciously crafted NTFS-formatted image file or external storage to potentially execute arbitrary privileged code, if the attacker has either local access and the ntfs-3g binary is setuid root, or if the attacker has physical access to an external port to a computer which is configured to run the ntfs-3g binary or one of the ntfsprogs tools when the external storage is plugged into the computer. These vulnerabilities result from incorrect validation of some of the NTFS metadata that could potentially cause buffer overflows, which could be exploited by an attacker. Common ways for attackers to gain physical access to a machine is through social engineering or an evil maid attack on an unattended computer.
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