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Description Unknown
Version Removed


Group Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-1201 7.1.14-7 High Unknown
AVG-1188 7.1.14-7 High Unknown
Issue Group Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2020-15096 AVG-1201 High Yes Access restriction bypass
A context isolation bypass has been found in electron, meaning that code running in the main world context in the renderer can reach into the isolated...
CVE-2020-6468 AVG-1188 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
A type confusion security issue has been found in the V8 component of the chromium browser before 83.0.4103.61.
CVE-2020-6377 AVG-1188 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
Use after free in audio in Google Chrome prior to 79.0.3945.117 allowed a remote attacker to potentially exploit heap corruption via a crafted HTML page.