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[ASA-201904-7] jenkins: multiple issues
Arch Linux Security Advisory ASA-201904-7 ========================================= Severity: Medium Date : 2019-04-11 CVE-ID : CVE-2019-1003049 CVE-2019-1003050 Package : jenkins Type : multiple issues Remote : Yes Link : Summary ======= The package <a href="/package/jenkins">jenkins</a> before version 2.172-1 is vulnerable to multiple issues including access restriction bypass and cross-site scripting. Resolution ========== Upgrade to 2.172-1. # pacman -Syu "jenkins>=2.172-1" The problems have been fixed upstream in version 2.172. Workaround ========== None. Description =========== - CVE-2019-1003049 (access restriction bypass) A security issue has been found in <a href="/package/jenkins">Jenkins</a> before 2.172, where the fix for SECURITY-901 in <a href="/package/jenkins">Jenkins</a> 2.150.2 and 2.160 did not reject existing remoting-based CLI authentication caches. This means that users who cached their CLI authentication before <a href="/package/jenkins">Jenkins</a> was updated to 2.150.2 and newer, or 2.160 and newer, would remain authenticated. - CVE-2019-1003050 (cross-site scripting) The f:validateButton form control for the <a href="/package/jenkins">Jenkins</a> UI did not properly escape job URLs. This resulted in a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability exploitable by users with the ability to control job names. Impact ====== A remote attacker is able to bypass access restrictions or perform cross-site scripting. References ==========