AVG-2711 log

Package firefox
Status Fixed
Severity High
Type multiple issues
Affected 98.0.2-1
Fixed 99.0-1
Current 126.0-1 [extra]
Ticket None
Created Sat May 14 20:06:07 2022
Issue Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2022-28289 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
Mozilla developers and community members Nika Layzell, Andrew McCreight, Gabriele Svelto, and the Mozilla Fuzzing Team reported memory safety bugs present...
CVE-2022-28288 Medium Unknown Arbitrary code execution
Mozilla developers and community members Randell Jesup, Sebastian Hengst, and the Mozilla Fuzzing Team reported memory safety bugs present in Firefox 98....
CVE-2022-28287 Low Unknown Unknown
In unusual circumstances, selecting text could cause text selection caching to behave incorrectly, leading to a crash.
CVE-2022-28286 Low Yes Content spoofing
Due to a layout change, iframe contents could have been rendered outside of its border. This could have led to user confusion or spoofing attacks.
CVE-2022-28285 Medium Unknown Unknown
When generating the assembly code for MLoadTypedArrayElementHole, an incorrect AliasSet was used. In conjunction with another vulnerability this could have...
CVE-2022-28284 Medium Unknown Unknown
SVG's <use> element could have been used to load unexpected content that could have executed script in certain circumstances. While the specification seems...
CVE-2022-28283 Medium Unknown Unknown
The sourceMapURL feature in devtools was missing security checks that would have allowed a webpage to attempt to include local files or other files that...
CVE-2022-28282 Medium Unknown Unknown
By using a link with rel="localization" a use-after-free could have been triggered by destroying an object during JavaScript execution and then referencing...
CVE-2022-28281 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
If a compromised content process sent an unexpected number of WebAuthN Extensions in a Register command to the parent process, an out of bounds write would...
CVE-2022-24713 Low Unknown Unknown
The rust regex crate did not properly prevent crafted regular expressions from taking an arbitrary amount of time during parsing. If an attacker was able to...
CVE-2022-1097 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
NSSToken objects were referenced via direct points, and could have been accessed in an unsafe way on different threads, leading to a use- after-free and...