AVG-2738 log

Package gvim, vim
Status Fixed
Severity High
Type multiple issues
Affected 8.2.4150-1
Fixed 8.2.4151-1
Current 9.1.0532-1 [extra]
Ticket None
Created Tue May 24 14:59:48 2022
Issue Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2022-0318 Medium No Arbitrary code execution
Heap-based Buffer Overflow in vim prior to 8.2
CVE-2022-0261 High No Arbitrary code execution
heap based out-of-bounds write in vim's ops.c allows an attacker to trick a user to open a crafted file triggering an out-of-bounds write capable of...
CVE-2021-4192 High Unknown Unknown
use-after-free in win_linetabsize()