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Description Vi Improved, a highly configurable, improved version of the vi text editor
Version 8.2.3441-1 [extra]


Group Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-2390 8.2.3412-1 8.2.3441-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-2364 8.2.3340-1 8.2.3412-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-975 8.1.1186-1 8.1.1467-1 High Fixed
AVG-635 8.0.1530-1 8.0.1531-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-347 8.0.0628-1 8.0.0722-1 High Fixed FS#54773
AVG-174 8.0.0321-1 8.0.0322-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-83 8.0.0055-1 8.0.0056-1 High Fixed
Issue Group Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2021-3796 AVG-2390 Medium No Arbitrary code execution
vim before version 8.2.3428 is vulnerable to a use after free when replacing.
CVE-2021-3778 AVG-2364 Medium Yes Arbitrary code execution
vim before version 8.2.3409 is vulnerable to a heap-based buffer overflow when reading beyond the end of a line with an invalid UTF-8 character.
CVE-2021-3770 AVG-2364 Medium No Arbitrary code execution
vim before version 8.2.3402 is vulnerable to a heap-based buffer overflow when using :retab with large value.
CVE-2019-12735 AVG-975 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
getchar.c in Vim before 8.1.1365 and Neovim before 0.3.6 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands via the :source! command in a modeline, as...
CVE-2017-1000382 AVG-635 Medium No Information disclosure
VIM ignores umask when creating a swap file ("[ORIGINAL_FILENAME].swp") resulting in files that may be world readable or otherwise accessible in ways not...
CVE-2017-11109 AVG-347 High No Arbitrary code execution
Vim 8.0 allows attackers to cause a denial of service (invalid free) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a crafted source (aka -S) file.
CVE-2017-5953 AVG-174 Medium No Arbitrary code execution
It was found that vim does not properly validate values for tree length when handling a spell file, which may result in an integer overflow at a memory...
CVE-2016-1248 AVG-83 High No Arbitrary command execution
A vulnerability has been discovered in vim which would allow arbitrary shell commands to be run if a user opened a file with a malicious modeline. This is...


Date Advisory Group Severity Type
11 Jun 2019 ASA-201906-8 AVG-975 High arbitrary code execution
18 Jul 2017 ASA-201707-22 AVG-347 High arbitrary code execution
15 Feb 2017 ASA-201702-13 AVG-174 Medium arbitrary code execution