CVE-2017-17807 log

Severity Low
Remote No
Type Access restriction bypass
The KEYS subsystem in the Linux kernel before 4.14.6, 4.9.69, 4.4.107, 3.18.88, 3.16.52 and 3.2.97 omitted an access-control check when adding a key to the current task's "default request-key keyring" via the request_key() system call, allowing a local user to use a sequence of crafted system calls to add keys to a keyring with only Search permission (not Write permission) to that keyring, related to construct_get_dest_keyring() in security/keys/request_key.c.
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-565 linux-lts 4.9.68-1 4.9.69-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-564 linux-hardened 4.14.5-1 4.14.6-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-563 linux-zen 4.14.5-1 4.14.6-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-562 linux 4.14.5-1 4.14.6-1 Medium Fixed