CVE-2020-8561 - log back

CVE-2020-8561 edited at 16 Sep 2021 08:37:01
- Unknown
+ Medium
- Unknown
+ Remote
- Unknown
+ Information disclosure
+ A security issue was discovered in Kubernetes where actors that control the responses of MutatingWebhookConfiguration or ValidatingWebhookConfiguration requests are able to redirect kube-apiserver requests to private networks of the apiserver. If that user can view kube-apiserver logs when the log level is set to 10, they can view the redirected responses and headers in the logs.
+ Workaround
+ ==========
+ This issue can be mitigated by not allowing kube-apiserver access to sensitive resources or networks, or to reduce the “-v” flag value to less than 10 and set the “--profiling” flag value to “false” (default value is “true”). Setting the profiling flag to “false” prevents users from dynamically modifying the kube-apiserver log level, and the flag value Webhook requests may still be redirected to private networks with a log level less than 10, but the response body will not be logged.
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