CVE-2021-22883 log

Severity Medium
Remote Yes
Type Denial of service
Node.js before versions 15.10.0, 14.16.0, 12.21.0 and 10.24.0 is vulnerable to denial of service attacks when too many connection attempts with an 'unknownProtocol' are established. This leads to a leak of file descriptors. If a file descriptor limit is configured on the system, then the server is unable to accept new connections and prevent the process also from opening, e.g. a file. If no file descriptor limit is configured, then this lead to an excessive memory usage and cause the system to run out of memory.
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-1608 nodejs-lts-dubnium 10.23.2-1 10.24.0-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-1607 nodejs-lts-erbium 12.20.1-1 12.21.0-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-1606 nodejs-lts-fermium 14.15.4-1 14.16.0-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-1604 nodejs 15.9.0-1 15.10.0-1 Medium Fixed