CVE-2021-44228 log

Severity Critical
Remote Yes
Type Arbitrary code execution
Apache Log4j2 <=2.14.1 JNDI features used in configuration, log messages, and parameters do not protect against attacker controlled LDAP and other JNDI related endpoints. An attacker who can control log messages or log message parameters can execute arbitrary code loaded from LDAP servers when message lookup substitution is enabled. From log4j 2.15.0, this behavior has been disabled by default.

In previous releases (>2.10) this behavior can be mitigated by setting system property "log4j2.formatMsgNoLookups" to "true" or it can be mitigated in prior releases (<2.10) by removing the JndiLookup class from the classpath (example: zip -q -d log4j-core-*.jar org/apache/logging/log4j/core/lookup/JndiLookup.class).
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-2632 mediathekview 13.8.0-2 13.8.1-1 Critical Fixed
AVG-2626 zaproxy 2.11.1-1 2.11.1-2 Critical Fixed FS#72975
AVG-2625 arduino 1:1.8.16-1 1:1.8.17-1 Critical Fixed FS#72975
AVG-2624 openfire 4.6.4-1 4.6.5-1 Critical Fixed FS#72975
AVG-2623 logstash 7.10.1-1 7.10.2-1 Critical Fixed FS#72975
AVG-2622 solr 8.11.0-1 8.11.0-2 Critical Fixed FS#72975
AVG-2621 ghidra 10.0.4-1 10.1-1 Critical Fixed FS#72975
AVG-2620 elasticsearch 7.10.2-1 7.10.2-2 Critical Fixed FS#72975