CVE-2022-1015 log

Severity Unknown
Remote Unknown
Type Unknown
CVE-2022-1015 pertains to an out of bounds access in nf_tables expression evaluation due to validation of user register indices. It leads to local privilege escalation, for example by overwriting a stack return address OOB with a crafted nft_expr_payload. CVE-2022-1015 is exploitable starting from commit 345023b0db3 ("netfilter: nftables: add nft_parse_register_store() and use it"), v5.12 and has been fixed in commit 6e1acfa387b9 ("netfilter: nf_tables: validate registers coming from userspace.").
Group Package Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-2701 linux-lts 5.15.14-1 High Vulnerable
AVG-2700 linux-hardened 5.16.20.hardened1-1 5.17.5.hardened1-1 High Fixed
AVG-2699 linux-zen 5.17.2.zen3-1 5.17.3.zen1-1 High Fixed
AVG-2698 linux 5.17.2.arch3-1 5.17.3.arch1-1 High Fixed