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Description SPICE server
Version 0.15.2-1 [extra]


Group Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-1239 0.14.3-3 0.15.0-1 Critical Fixed FS#68166
AVG-866 0.14.0-2 0.14.0-3 Critical Fixed FS#61650
AVG-349 0.12.8-2 0.12.8+8+ga957a90b-1 High Fixed FS#54808
Issue Group Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2021-20201 AVG-1239 Low Yes Denial of service
An issue was discovered in SPICE server before version 0.15.0. There is a vulnerability which might make it easier for remote attackers to cause a denial of...
CVE-2020-14355 AVG-1239 Critical Yes Arbitrary code execution
Multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities were found in the QUIC image decoding process of the SPICE remote display system. More specifically, these flaws...
CVE-2019-3813 AVG-866 Critical Yes Arbitrary code execution
Spice, versions 0.5.2 through 0.14.1, are vulnerable to an out-of- bounds read due to an off-by-one error in memslot_get_virt. This may lead to a denial of...
CVE-2017-7506 AVG-349 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
Two security issues have been found in spice <= 0.12.8, allowing a remote, authenticated user to get access to memory content by sending a number of...


Date Advisory Group Severity Type
06 Jul 2021 ASA-202107-12 AVG-1239 Critical multiple issues
11 Feb 2019 ASA-201902-4 AVG-866 Critical arbitrary code execution
14 Aug 2017 ASA-201708-12 AVG-349 High arbitrary code execution