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Description An URL retrieval utility and library
Version 7.63.0-4 [core]


Group Affected Fixed Severity Status Ticket
AVG-795 7.61.1-3 7.62.0-1 High Fixed
AVG-729 7.60.0-1 7.61.0-1 High Fixed
AVG-694 7.59.0-2 7.60.0-1 Critical Fixed
AVG-653 7.58.0-2 7.59.0-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-593 7.57.0-1 7.58.0-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-527 7.56.1-1 7.57.0-1 High Not affected
AVG-524 7.56.1-1 7.57.0-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-467 7.56.0-1 7.56.1-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-422 7.55.1-1 7.56.0-1 Low Fixed
AVG-370 7.54.1-2 7.55-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-241 7.53.1-2 7.54.0-1 Medium Fixed
AVG-179 7.52.1-2 7.53.0-1 Low Fixed
AVG-112 7.51.0-1 7.52.1-1 Medium Fixed FS#52247
AVG-60 7.50.3-1 7.51.0-1 High Fixed
AVG-20 7.50.2-1 7.50.3-1 Low Fixed
Issue Group Severity Remote Type Description
CVE-2018-16842 AVG-795 Medium Yes Information disclosure
Curl versions 7.14.1 through 7.61.1 are vulnerable to a heap-based buffer over-read in the tool_msgs.c:voutf() function that may result in information...
CVE-2018-16840 AVG-795 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
A heap use-after-free flaw was found in curl versions from 7.59.0 through 7.61.1 in the code related to closing an easy handle. When closing and cleaning up...
CVE-2018-1000301 AVG-694 Medium Yes Denial of service
curl >= 7.20.0 and < 7.60.0 can be tricked into reading data beyond the end of a heap based buffer used to store downloaded content.
When servers send RTSP...
CVE-2018-1000300 AVG-694 Critical Yes Arbitrary code execution
curl >= 7.54.1 and < 7.60.0 might overflow a heap based memory buffer when closing down an FTP connection with very long server command replies.
When doing...
CVE-2018-1000122 AVG-653 Medium Yes Information disclosure
A buffer over-read exists in curl >= 7.20.0 and < 7.59.0 in the RTSP+RTP handling code that allows an attacker to cause a denial of service or information...
CVE-2018-1000121 AVG-653 Medium Yes Denial of service
A NULL pointer dereference exists in the LDAP code of curl >= 7.21.0 and < curl 7.59.0, allowing an attacker to cause a denial of service. libcurl-using...
CVE-2018-1000120 AVG-653 Medium Yes Denial of service
It was found that libcurl did not safely parse FTP URLs when using the CURLOPT_FTP_FILEMETHOD method. An attacker, able to provide a specially crafted FTP...
CVE-2018-1000007 AVG-593 Medium Yes Information disclosure
libcurl might leak authentication data to third parties. When asked to send custom headers in its HTTP requests, libcurl will send that set of headers first...
CVE-2018-1000005 AVG-593 Medium Yes Denial of service
libcurl contains an out bounds read in code handling HTTP/2 trailers. It was reported that reading an HTTP/2 trailer could mess up future trailers since the...
CVE-2018-0500 AVG-729 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
It has been discovered that curl before 7.61.0 might overflow a heap based memory buffer when sending data over SMTP and using a reduced read...
CVE-2017-8818 AVG-527 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
An out-of-bounds flaw has been found in the SSL related code of libcurl >= 7.56.0 and < 7.57.0. When allocating memory for a connection (the internal struct...
CVE-2017-8817 AVG-524 Medium Yes Information disclosure
A read out of bounds flaw has been found in the FTP wildcard function of libcurl >= 7.21.0 and < 7.57.0. libcurl's FTP wildcard matching feature, which is...
CVE-2017-8816 AVG-527 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
A buffer overrun flaw has been found in libcurl > 7.15.4 and < 7.57.0, in the NTLM authentication code. The internal function...
CVE-2017-7468 AVG-241 Medium Yes Certificate verification bypass
libcurl from 7.52.0 to and including 7.53.1 would attempt to resume a TLS session even if the client certificate had changed. That is unacceptable since a...
CVE-2017-2629 AVG-179 Low Yes Insufficient validation
A coding error has been found in curl >= 7.52.0 and < 7.53.0, causing the TLS Certificate Status Request extension check to always return true.
curl and...
CVE-2017-1000257 AVG-467 Medium Yes Information disclosure
A heap buffer overrun flaw was found in the IMAP handler of libcurl >= 7.20.0 and < 7.56.1. An IMAP FETCH response line indicates the size of the returned...
CVE-2017-1000254 AVG-422 Low Yes Denial of service
When libcurl connects to an FTP server and successfully logs in (anonymous or not), it asks the server for the current directory with the `PWD` command. The...
CVE-2017-1000101 AVG-370 Low No Information disclosure
A heap-based read buffer overflow has been found in curl < 7.55.0. In the globbing function that parses the numerical range, there was an omission that made...
CVE-2017-1000100 AVG-370 Medium Yes Information disclosure
An information disclosure issue has been found in curl < 7.55.0. When doing a TFTP transfer and curl/libcurl is given a URL that contains a very long file...
CVE-2017-1000099 AVG-370 Low No Information disclosure
An information disclosure issue has been found in curl < 7.55.0. When asking to get a file from a file:// URL, libcurl provides a feature that outputs...
CVE-2016-9594 AVG-112 Medium Yes Incorrect calculation
libcurl's (new) internal function that returns a good 32bit random value was implemented poorly and overwrote the pointer instead of writing the value into...
CVE-2016-9586 AVG-112 Medium Yes Arbitrary code execution
libcurl's implementation of the printf() functions triggers a buffer overflow when doing a large floating point output. The bug occurs when the conversion...
CVE-2016-8625 AVG-60 Medium Yes Insufficient validation
When curl is built with libidn to handle International Domain Names (IDNA), it translates them to puny code for DNS resolving using the IDNA 2003 standard,...
CVE-2016-8624 AVG-60 Medium Yes Insufficient validation
curl doesn't parse the authority component of the URL correctly when the host name part ends with a '#' character, and could instead be tricked into...
CVE-2016-8623 AVG-60 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
libcurl explicitly allows users to share cookies between multiple easy handles that are concurrently employed by different threads.
When cookies to be sent...
CVE-2016-8622 AVG-60 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
The URL percent-encoding decode function in libcurl is called curl_easy_unescape. Internally, even if this function would be made to allocate a unscape...
CVE-2016-8621 AVG-60 Medium Yes Information disclosure
The curl_getdate converts a given date string into a numerical timestamp and it supports a range of different formats and possibilites to express a date and...
CVE-2016-8620 AVG-60 High No Arbitrary code execution
The curl tool's "globbing" feature allows a user to specify a numerical range through which curl will iterate. It is typically specified as [1-5],...
CVE-2016-8619 AVG-60 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
In curl's implementation of the Kerberos authentication mechanism, the function read_data() in security.c is used to fill the necessary krb5 structures....
CVE-2016-8617 AVG-60 High Yes Arbitrary code execution
In libcurl's base64 encode function, the output buffer is allocated as follows without any checks on insize:

malloc( insize * 4 / 3 + 4 )
On systems with...
CVE-2016-8616 AVG-60 Low Yes Authentication bypass
When re-using a connection, curl was doing case insensitive comparisons of user name and password with the existing connections. This means that if an...
CVE-2016-8615 AVG-60 Medium Yes Content spoofing
If cookie state is written into a cookie jar file that is later read back and used for subsequent requests, a malicious HTTP server can inject new cookies...
CVE-2016-7167 AVG-20 Low Yes Denial of service
The four libcurl functions curl_escape(), curl_easy_escape(), curl_unescape and curl_easy_unescape perform string URL percent escaping and unescaping. They...


Date Advisory Group Severity Description
06 Nov 2018 ASA-201811-4 AVG-795 High multiple issues
16 Jul 2018 ASA-201807-10 AVG-729 High arbitrary code execution
17 May 2018 ASA-201805-13 AVG-694 Critical multiple issues
19 Mar 2018 ASA-201803-15 AVG-653 Medium multiple issues
28 Jan 2018 ASA-201801-20 AVG-593 Medium multiple issues
02 Nov 2017 ASA-201711-6 AVG-467 Medium information disclosure
30 Nov 2017 ASA-201711-33 AVG-524 Medium information disclosure
05 Oct 2017 ASA-201710-2 AVG-422 Low denial of service
22 Aug 2017 ASA-201708-16 AVG-370 Medium information disclosure
29 Apr 2017 ASA-201704-12 AVG-241 Medium certificate verification bypass
03 Mar 2017 ASA-201703-1 AVG-179 Low insufficient validation
27 Dec 2016 ASA-201612-22 AVG-112 Medium multiple issues
03 Nov 2016 ASA-201611-7 AVG-60 High multiple issues
20 Sep 2016 ASA-201609-19 AVG-20 Low denial of service